Ann wants to become a photographer

20. b. 18. August.

Pastels, painting and inking. In one word - ART.
And of course photography.
I want to be a professional photographer,
not only camera's owner. I'm on my way.
Olumpus mju820
Canon eos 550D (kiss X4)

I live in Gdansk, Poland.
Host cities Volunteer for EURO2012 in Poland and Ukraine. After that I'm addicted from volunteering.
(From bigger events, I was on bon jovi and JLo concerts)

Visited already: Lithuania: Vilnius, Drukininkai; London.
I want to visit: France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Morocco, USA, Greenland, Sweden, Japan and much more.

My biggest travel' dream: learn surfing in Australia. Life there for a while.